Perris, CA Professional Slab Repair

Slab leaks can be hard to notice, but need to be addressed as soon as they are identified. The most noticeable signs of a minor leak are remarkably high water utility bills, low water pressure, mold troubles, or an overflow of water somewhere near your house foundation. An expert technician can repair slab leaks wherever it’s coming from.

Slab leak can stem from different places and normally it’s difficult to predict without specialized tools. An expert can rapidly narrow down to the source and suggest a solution to save your home’s foundation from further damage.

What is involved with slab repair?

Slab leaks are brought about by various factors. The sort of fix your slab needs will be chosen by the kind of leak that it has. Here are a couple of things that cause slab leaks and they are soil corrosion on the copper pipes, inappropriate water pipe establishment, accidental pipe harm from development or rebuilds, and moving ground/establishment.

Chemical reactions occur when soil comes in close contact with copper pipes over time. The result is corrosion, which is known to be a leading cause of leaking pipes. There are other things that homeowners need to be concerned about aside from soil. Other things may also cause damage to pipes such as gravel, rocks and concrete.

Scratches to the ground material in the neighboring areas can be responsible for leakage as well. When the ground shifts this can heighten the risk for pipe abrasions and damage.

Improper installation or construction damage may have already doomed the pipes from the beginning. Some materials will likely sustain incidental damages during home renovations and construction. Some types of damage could actually prevent the pipes from working at all or potentially lead to a leak in the future.

Uninsulated pipes can rub against other pipes to create abrasions thereby leading to imminent damage. Not knowing the details on the construction of your home may make it challenging for you to know your risk for a slab leak. When it happens, you need to take a look at such factors and resolve them so that you prevent them from happening again.

Most homeowners don’t give their foundation much thought until something goes wrong, so slab leaks may not be discovered until there has already been some damage. If you know that your home is in an area that’s prone to shifting ground, it’s critical to keep an eye on the status of your foundation and pipes to check for leaks.

One cannot tell if one’s pipes have been improperly installed until an issue arises from it. It is important, however, that you address the problem as quickly as possible by contacting a trained professional, or you risk additional damage to your home.

When you neglect a slab leak this can lead your home to have mold issues, termite infestations and foundation erosion. A technician specializing in slab repairs will determine the leak source and suggest courses of action when it comes to repairs. Having a slab repaired can easily become a costly expense depending on many factors.

A professional can explain the different options and calculate an estimated cost so the homeowner can best choose on how to repair their slab leak. Some of the tasks a technician may do include the following.

Jackhammer the slab

To be able to see the slab leak clearly, the technician jackhammers through it. When the plumber does this he can find out about the source of the leak in the slab. Surprisingly, this can often be the least expensive repair solution.

Reroute water lines

When a pipe that runs under expensive flooring develops a leak, it may be more cost effective to have a plumber reroute that line rather than tear up the floor to replace it. Damaged pipes no longer in use may be left in place without damage to floors, since water will no longer run through them.

Insurance may cover demolition and refinishing of the foundation, but may not cover the cost of replacing the pipe. Insurance likely won’t cover for water damage caused by a slab leak if it was left ignored and unattended. If you even suspect a slab leak, call in a professional right away, before the problem can get any worse.