How to Avoid These 5 Common AC Repair Scams

Staying cool during a California summer is a must, and most homeowners rely heavily on their HVAC system to help them do just that. When your AC system suddenly breaks down or exhibits some faulty behavior, you’ll want to have an HVAC specialist take a look at it as soon as possible in order to keep your house cool and comfortable.

Entering “AC repair near me” into your search bar and calling up the first company you see may seem like the easiest option, but it’s important to do some research on potential HVAC specialists to make sure you’re going to get the high-quality work you deserve.

AC Installation and AC Tune-Up:  How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed?

Unfortunately, not every HVAC company has the customer’s best interests at heart. Some companies take advantage of a homeowner’s desperate need for working AC and end up overcharging for their work or even performing unnecessary fixes in order to receive a bigger payout on the job.

As a homeowner and customer, you deserve nothing but the best quality and treatment from your AC repair specialist. This means only paying for what you need, not overpaying for unnecessary work, and receiving high-quality AC installation and repair no matter what may be going wrong with your system.

Here are 5 of the most common AC repair scams to look out for so that you can be informed and ready the next time you’re in need of a tune-up.

5. Cash Payment is Required Upfront.

Reputable and respectable AC repair companies always complete their services before asking for any payment. If your HVAC hire is refusing to perform a repair until you pay for the service upfront, you’re most likely being scammed. HVAC companies have no reason to require payment upfront unless they’re planning to perform shoddy work or leave the job half done.

4.  You Can’t Seem to Find Much Information about the Company.

These days, when homeowners think to themselves, “I wonder where I can find AC repair near me,” they usually take to the Internet. The Internet is an extremely useful tool for finding reputable local businesses, but it’s also extremely useful for weeding out companies that may not be trustworthy.

Respectable companies are extremely proud of their quality of work and of their satisfied customer base, and they will make this clear on their website. When browsing for an HVAC company, pay close attention to the services they offer and whether or not they have a satisfaction guarantee. Some companies will even feature customer testimonials on their website, but if they don’t, finding customer reviews on third-party sites is relatively easy. If the company you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t have a website and you can’t find any reviews to browse, you should be wary of the company’s legitimacy.

3. The Offer Seems Too Good to be True.

Most companies want to offer their customers the best possible price for their goods or services. However, companies can’t undervalue their services if they want to make enough money to stay in business and to make a reasonable profit.

If you’re in need of an AC tune-up and the company you’ve called is proposing an impossibly low price for their service, you can assume that the offer isn’t trustworthy. When HVAC companies quote homeowners extremely low prices for services or part installation, they’re typically planning to sell you some additional part or service under the guise that it’s needed after they’ve already reeled you in with their initially low prices.

If an HVAC specialist quotes an incredibly low price and doesn’t try to sell you additional services or products, you’re likely receiving low-quality work that a better HVAC company will ultimately have to fix again down the road.

2. Your Refrigerant Needs Recharging.

A technician claiming that your refrigerant needs “recharging” is one of the most obvious ways to spot an AC repair scam. When an AC unit is low on refrigerant, it means that a leak is occurring. “Recharging” (adding more refrigerant) is an extremely temporary fix that will require you to bring your technician back within a matter of months for more service.

1. Your HVAC Tech is Being Too Pushy.

In just about every industry, you’ll find pushy salesmen who put excessive pressure on customers in order to make a sale, even if it’s not at a fair price. Unfortunately, the HVAC installation and repair business is no exception.

An AC repairman that’s trying to scam you will attempt to convince you that the situation is life or death; essentially, they’ll make it seem like you don’t have time to seek a second opinion. Unless your AC unit is visibly combusting, you don’t have to perform service right this second. Resist overly pushy AC companies and trust that a reputable company will want you to feel comfortable and respected.