While it can be incredibly frustrating, having issues with your HVAC system or furnace is not uncommon. Sometimes furnaces unexpectedly stopPossible Reasons Your Furnace is Not Working functioning for a variety of reasons. There’s little that’s more exasperating and frustrating than losing the heat supply to your home without warning. Even in the relatively mild winters of Perris, California, the unexpected need for furnace repair can present immense discomfort, stress, and worry.

While many of the underlying causes of furnace problems are fairly simple to solve, it’s important to understand the issues you should look for, because some of them will require an immediate furnace replacement. So, if you are experiencing the loss of heat to your home, here are some possible reasons that your furnace is not working:

Filter Replacement

Probably the most common reason for furnace problems is trouble with the filter. Many homeowners are not even aware that these filters need to be replaced. However, replacing HVAC filters regularly is vital and they must be replaced at least annually.

Replacing your HVAC filter is a standard element of keeping your home furnace in good working order. Failing to replace the filter at the appropriate time can result in a blockage of airflow, and if left unattended, a clogged filter will drive up your energy costs and can lead to the need for more extensive furnace repair. 

Scheduling Regular Furnace Tune-Ups

Like every other system in your home, your home comfort system requires regular maintenance. While there are basic practical steps you can take to maintain the system on your own, the technical knowledge needed to ensure the proper functioning of every element of your furnace can be best provided by HVAC professionals.

Scheduling an annual furnace tune-up with home comfort system specialists will help you to avoid potentially costly future repairs and postpone the need for a replacement furnace installation

Between an annual furnace tune-up, be on the lookout for the following signs that your furnace may be having problems:

  • Unusually high energy bills 
  • Inconsistent heating output
  • Uncommon noises from the furnace
  • The system continuously running

If your furnace is displaying any of these indicators, it is important to have a home comfort system specialist diagnose the problem immediately. These symptoms signal that your furnace needs attention, and you may even need to schedule a furnace replacement. 

Thermostat Malfunction

If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working, the issue could be caused by a problem with the thermostat. Faulty wiring, the accumulation of dust or dirt, or other issues may cause your thermostat to stop functioning. Because the thermostat is the mechanism that the furnace interfaces with in order to properly regulate the internal temperature of your house or apartment, thermostat problems can cause your entire furnace to seem as if it’s malfunctioning.

The good news, in these cases, is that thermostat problem are typically easy to solve. Be sure to check that the batteries in the thermostat are operational and ensure that the relevant circuit breaker for the thermostat is not tripped.

Lastly, confirm that power is running to the furnace itself by inspecting the power disconnect switch, located on or close to the body of the furnace. Even in cases where an HVAC specialist is needed, repairing or replacing the wiring in your thermostat is a relatively easy job for a professional.

Pilot Ignition Light Failure

The pilot light is a small flame that initiates the heating function in the furnace when you turn the heat up on your thermostat. Sometimes, the pilot ignition light burns out, causing your furnace not to work. In cases where your furnace clicks on but the pilot light don’t ignite, the issue may be with the ignitor or the sensor in your furnace.

It is important to note that electric furnaces do not feature a pilot ignition light, so this potential issue does not apply to those systems. Additionally, newer gas furnaces (beginning in 2010) do not feature standing pilot lights and are more likely to have electric ignition systems. 

Pilot light failure is a common problem in older home furnaces, and for industrious homeowners with experience, it can be handled with basic home tools. However, removing and inspecting the ignitor and sensor on a gas furnace requires technical skill and can present the threat of danger if done incorrectly. For these reasons, most homeowners prefer to enlist the services of professionals. Pilot ignition light failure is a fairly common furnace issue and can be solved easily by a home comfort system specialist.

If your home furnace is not functioning, call in the professionals. At Davis Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we offer a range of services in the Parris, CA area, including tune-ups, maintenance, and even furnace installation. Contact us online or call (951) 657-0393 today!